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I bought my MR2 in February 2002 - manual 5-speed with air-conditioning - a must I think as I had a convertible without it before!

Unfortunately (!) I found the MR2ROC and spyderchat sites soon after and I started thinking about changing a few things!  I always loathed the ‘grey-plastic’ look of some of the external parts and wanted something special....

My first changes were simple - Alpine head-unit and CD changer, J-spec front badge etc.

After I found, I bought some chromed bits to get rid of the grey.  The engine air-intakes and mirrors were changed for chrome (Toyota) equivalents. Later I bought chrome grilles from Chromdesign in Germany and swapped the grilles over front and rear.

Mongo deflectors, Chrome Momo gear-knob and chrome tweeter covers followed, and I have a Bama rear wind deflector (extra height and clear) still to fit when the weather improves.

Finally in December 2004 I bought chrome mesh from Halfords and meshed my engine lid! Chrome, chrome, chrome - Bling?